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crashing c# compiler

I crashed the c# compiler.

Android ListView that is filterable and indexable

I spent a couple days creating this list view for an app that I am making in android in xamarin/monodroid and realized their is not much on the internet. So here is my implementation, I plan on spending a littler more time in the future on a more detailed tutorial, but here is the code as it stands.

Set focus to control aspnet using c#

This handy code snippet I have been using for years, it works better when update panels are on the page. I would recommend it over "targetControl.focus()" but not over doing it properly through javascript.

Simple SQL Server Cursor Example

I was having a hard time finding a cursor example that only gave me the basics of how a sql server cursor worked.

Debug Windows Service

The following is an example of how to make a windows service a hybrid console app while also having the ability to be installed as a windows service.

Count number of windows open

This is my example of counting multiple windows in javascript using local storage. I made this while testing out security for a web application.